A few words from our Historian...

In the British 8th we are all about tradition - and to that end, our B(8)log post will feature regular posts from members of the British 8th. This week’s post comes from our British 8th Historian,
Samantha Etoll…

“Hey band!” My name is Sam Etoll and I'm the British 8th Band Historian this season. I'll be a sophomore this year, and I major in Music Education.

Last year was my first year in the B8 and, I have to admit, I was pretty nervous for that first day of camp. Band has always been my absolute favorite thing to be a part of and I was about to start all over in an entirely new program in a college band! I'd become so familiarized with my high school's band program- who everyone was, how things worked, etc. and the thought of no longer having that comfort scared me. What if I don’t make any friends? What if I mess up in front of everyone? I was just so nervous that band wouldn’t be fun anymore.

However, as soon as I arrived, I found that all of these worries I had were for nothing. There were so many friendly people that were more than happy to help me with whatever I needed. I very soon found people that I know I’ll be friends with for the rest of my life, and those people make up the British Eighth.

If you’re in the shoes I was in a year ago, don’t worry. You’re about to be a part of a band family that is so kind and loving and that will always be there for you (not to mention, we have a lot of fun!). We can’t wait to meet you, see you all soon!

Go Brits! Go Band!