Albion college fight song
"fyte onne"

Fight on, for Albion,
Her destiny is in your hands.
Fight on, and don't give in,
No fighting Briton ever has.
Fight on, you Britons strong,
For at the top you do belong.
So don't give in,
We know you'll win - 
Fight on, for Albion!

Albion college Hymn
"Albion, Dear Albion"

verse 3:
Albion, dear Albion,
Fondest memories.
Light our pathway far from home
Through the distant days.
So we now our homage bring,
Breathe this fervent prayer:
Father in heaven,
keep our Albion fair.

Father in heaven,
keep our Albion fair.

Apples in the air.jpg

"Io triumphe"

Io triumphe! Io triumphe!
Haben swaben Rebecca-le-animor
Whoop te whoop te sheller de-ver
De-boom de-ra-de-la-de-pa
Hooneka Heneka Whack-a-whack
A-hob dob balde born bolde bara
Con slomade hob dob Rah!
Albion Rah!

the work of the spirit leader

The British 8th goes nowhere without their spirit leader! The spirit leader must energize the band during football games, as well as the early morning and late evening rehearsals, and anytime when a little silliness is required. They are the only one permitted to begin "The Io." They lead all group cheers and chants - BLOOD!, Ooh-Sa-Sa-Sa, Calculus, First Down, and the Apple cheer, to name just a few. In short, the Spirit Leader is the heartbeat of the British 8th. As the Spirit Leader goes, so goes the British 8th.


The “Ooh-Sa-Sa-Sa” Cheer

Ooh-sa-sa-sa, Ooh-sa-sa-sa
Hit ‘em on the head with a big kilbasa!
Toss ‘em in a barrel,
Roll ‘em down the street.
Al-b-ion will not be beat!
Ooh-sa-sa-sa, Ooh-sa-sa-sa
Strike them upon the noggin with a laaaarge sausage!
Place them in a barrel,
Roll them down the boulevard.
Albion shall not be defeated!